Evolution Gaming Monopoly includes all the same monopoly features there are at the classic monopoly board game

Evolution Gaming Monopoly includes all the same monopoly features there are at the classic monopoly board game

The same playing pieces, including Super Tax, Corner Squares, 2x Chance segment, a money wheel, and so on. In case Mr Monopoly Stops on Go to Jail, a double is needed to get out of there.

2 & 4 Rolls These are activated Bonus Game deals, where Mr Monopoly moves around the board game. The 3d Monopoly board shown during this bonus round has all the familiar elements in the animated game board like houses, hotels, Super Tax, Go to Jail, Community Chest, and so on. Dice rolls are done in the Live Studio (roll doubles for more rolls of the dice!), and Mr Monopoly runs around the 3d Monopoly board collecting prizes depending on which of the corner squares he stops on. In case you’re lucky, you can get up to 200 random multiplier bonus from this round.

Chance Multiplier Bonus When the wheel lands on the “Chance” segment, you either win a random cash prize or a multiplier bonus based on chance cards. If the chance card shows a multiplier all bets remain in place and any wins will be multiplied. Multiplying can happen more than once. Let’s say there are two Chances in a row with 10x and 5x, this means that if you win with the next spin, you will get a big win as the amount would be multiplied by 50! So if the player bets on the correct number they win a corresponding amount. It’s safe to say, the 3D bonus round offers an abundance of cash prize opportunities.

Odds of Winning & RTP

The exact return to player RTP of Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live and its odds of winning depend on how you bet. However, on average, the return to player RTP is around 93% making its odds of winning similar to slots and slightly lower than live casino table games like online blackjack or online roulette. You can use live casino bonuses to boost your odds of winning.

If the money wheel stops on 2 or 4 Rolls you enter this 3d bonus game with huge win multipliers

Gaming Strategy

Monopoly Live strategy is simple. While most players bet randomly, for the optimal strategy, you should bet on the highest return to player RTP segment, which would be 2. Then, if you wish to go for a big win, add in Monopoly features and a wager for either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. The exact RTP of the bonus game is unknown. However, considering that rolls of the dice can lead to situations where Mr Monopoly collects prize multipliers (up to 200x multipliers), it’s no wonder players bet on this money wheel feature heavily, and we agree with this tactic. Although, the player’s bets should be modest wagers on ROLLS segments as they are less likely to hit.

You can further boost your odds of winning by getting a deposit bonus. An excellent live online casino will either multiply your first deposit or offer you instant cash back for any losses. Both of these bonus options will increase the odds of you winning a pile of cash from this Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live board game.

Responsible Gaming

Monopoly board game can be addictive, just like any other casino game. In case you have serious concerns about your gambling habits, you can also contact the online casino you’re playing at. Nowadays, customer support works 24/7 to provide services for British online players. https://casinosreview.ca/mobile/ You can experience Monopoly live game in a safe and secure casino environment at every UK casino site that offers this classic board game by Evolution Gaming.

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